In the Dreams of God

I am absolutely amazed that people can look at children and not believe in God. I was staring at my son yesterday as he was just standing there stretching and smiling. I was captivated by the color of his eyes; they are a dark with a beautiful swirl of green and brown. I then began thinking about how he was five and how not so long ago he used to be a tiny baby that I would just hold kiss and snuggle and now he is so full of life and ready to take on the adventures of this world.

Children are filled with so much personality it is almost shocking how someone so little could be filled with so much... and to believe it all came to be through random chance? Yikes! Yesterday, I moved my three year old's radio down so she could reach it and turn it on and off by herself. Later in the day, she asked me when she was getting her own computer (her brother has one in her room so I guess she figured she was old enough now to now have her own.) I told her, "I don't think that's going to be happening." She said, "That's okay, then you can just give me a little thing like Weston has." In other words, a Nintendo DS. I just had to laugh. The way her little mind works just amazes me.

When I look at my children it is hard for me to imagine that they never existed. If you asked them, they have always existed, "They just lived in heaven before." Now I don't believe that's true in the way they are thinking but in another sense it is true. We have always existed in the mind of God, even before time began (Titus 1:2-3). We have always existed in the heart and dreams of God and what a beautiful place to be. And as a mother, there is something about my kids that always has been ~ it is like I've always known them and that they have always been a part of me ~ and though I can't put a verse to it I know God was behind it. I believe He was so excited about who they were and who they would be that He implanted a piece of them always in my heart and whispered to me about them without me even knowing it. I thank you God for my kids and the gift they are to me everyday.

Today, I would encourage you to get caught up in the beauty of others. In our society today, we are so focused on what is wrong with others and how they need to be fixed. Yet hidden in the eyes of others, and the creases on people's cheeks, the veins on their hands and in the power of their personality are little pieces of our great God and not only His great love for them but His great love for us and His desire to bless us through others.

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  1. What a challenging word. For me, it's easy to appreciate the beauty and gift of children (especially my own), but to 'get caught up in the beauty of others.' that's a little harder some days.
    It is much easier to compare, judge and criticize at times. This post touched me exactly where i needed to be touched today, completely relevant where I am at - thanks for sharing (as always) you're right on with me ;)


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