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Sometimes as a blogger, I ask myself, "Why do I write and why in the world should anyone care?" I can answer only one of those questions, why I write. I write because I hope that somewhere along the line a piece of my story, intersects with a piece of your story. My prayer is that when those two pieces intersect, you may find something you were looking for: where there was hopelessness, hope, where there was discouragement, encouragement, where there were questions, answers but most of all that you would see that the heart of the Father is LOVE and that He loves you today, right where you are at, in your story.

I've been a Christian for 25 years and I've always had a heart for His people. I grew up at a Christian school and a majority of my fellow classmates, ended up "walking away" from the faith. Then as an adult, I've seen the other side of Christianity, the side that many people hide away from Sunday morning. There is discouragement, pain, brokenness, hopelessness and a sense that perhaps this thing doesn't work. Because of these experiences, there has been an angst in me to bridge that disconnect between our everyday lives and the reality of God. As I've walked through my life, I have seen the faithfulness of God time and time again in my own story. He has given me freedom in my thought life, my marriage, my parenting and my relationship with others while confirming daily in my heart His deep love for others and myself. So I write because I know that I am not alone in my questions, struggles and discouragements but also because I've seen the Lord be faithful to me over and over again and I know that He will do the same thing for you.

I often share the names of people of faith that have influenced or are currently influencing me. It's not that I think "they have the answer" but it is because their walk of faith has provided a place where I can relate, I have found answers that I was looking for, and I have found a place to rest. By sharing their names and resources, I hope that perhaps you too have had similar questions and perhaps their journey of faith can and will also speak into your life.

That is why I write.  I invite you to read.

In Christ,

Daily Prayer

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