Intersection of Grace


Sometimes God places you in moments where He takes your breath away and you feel separated from time and space, while at the exact same time very present to the moment at hand.  He recently took me into one of those scenarios.  While the moment only lasted but a few minutes I knew that it was from Him and that a shifting within me had taken place.

Sometimes we go through seasons in our live that are life-changing.  Sometimes we pray prayers that feel empty and feel like they fall to the ground; that they are unheard by heaven.  If I could give you one piece of advice for your life during those times it would be this:  

Hang on 
You are heard,
you are seen, 
and you are known.

God rarely moves in the ways that I "expect" or have been "taught to expect."  He, however, does move!  I am learning to see Him completely differently and expect Him completely differently and it has drawn me to a closer understanding of Him and has shown me how to be at peace in the present - even if the present makes no sense.

The foundation of this life change has been believing that He is good.  Truly good, truly loving - always - no matter what circumstances dictate or show.  As the picture that accompanies this post shows, our past, our present and our future all intersect in the cross.  For me, that is the foundation of this love. We have to start at the cross and allow it to be what defines and shapes our lives.  Our past and present have a profound affect on our present day life but these areas should be shaped and rearranged by the cross.

My prayer for you is that you would breathe deep His grace in your present moment.  He has invited you to enjoy today, to know Him - today and be loved by Him - today.  Let your past and future be shaped in the understanding that He loves you.  And know that those big, unanswered questions are heard.  It is likely He may answer those questions, not in the way you expect, but rather through an invitation to rest in the security of His character in a manner that heals the past, holds the present and gives you peace for the future.

In Christ,

Daily Prayer

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