Into His Hands

Do you remember my post Praying Like Little Children? In that post, I mentioned my beautiful cousin Amanda was pregnant with a baby who had Potter's Syndrome.

On Wednesday, January 6 beautiful
Layla Rae
entered into this world for too brief of a moment.

She was able to meet all the family that was present before she entered into her Heavenly Father's loving hands. As you are lead, please lift up Nick and Amanda as they continue to walk on.


  1. Jaime, I am praying for you as well as Nick and Amanda. I have been following their blog, I appreciate you updating us.

  2. Sweet lady.. I have been hit and miss on the computer, due to some stuff happening health wise, and emotionally .. My blog tonight will explain whats going on now in a brief way. I wanted to let you know I am praying for you, sister, and for the family of this precious Child of Jesus... Oh how my heart hurts for thier ( your ) loss... please extend my heart to Amanda and Nick, letting them know I am praying, and lifting them up to the Father for joy to replace sorrow, for peace to surround them, and prayers for all to feel His embrace, each and every time they think of thier precious, Layla Rae.. it will be easy to remember this name, as my own daughter;s name is Kayla..
    I hope you are doing better.. I have thought of you alot since I have gotten home from the hospital in Boise * heart stuff again * that pretty much has taken me to the place of dealing with all the ritual abuse thats taken place in my life. It is a good thing.. hard, but good knowing jesus will be with me every step of my healing journey.. Love you girl..

  3. Thank you for honoring Layla Rae!!
    We were so blessed to have and hold her for 34 minutes!!

  4. Hi Jaime, I am so sorry for their loss and yours as well. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, knowing that Christ will be your shelter in this storm. xo


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