Praying like little children

Can I brag on my kids? Today my kids taught me about prayer.

This weekend we went to see my kids great-grandpa. He has been having problems with one of his feet that has ended up turning into complications throughout his whole body. Before we left on Saturday the kids and I prayed for him. Later we found out that shortly after we left he was sent by ambulance to the hospital. I must confess my thoughts went to "so much for praying!" We informed my kids that night that Great-Grandpa Rich went to the hospital. They, however, were not deterred. They have been faithfully praying for him since Saturday.

Today during school Mercea said, "After school I want to play the piano and pray for Grandpa Rich."

I said, "Okay" and we proceeded to have school for the next 2 hours. I then got busy making dinner and Mercea's request was forgotten by me. While I was making dinner, I heard piano playing in the background. I asked what they were doing,

"We are singing and praying for Grandpa Rich." I smiled.

A couple minutes later it was silent, I said, "Are you done?"

James said, "No, Mercea's praying." I went into the living room and here were both of my kids kneeling on the floor praying for their great-grandpa. My heart just melted. Here are two kids that believe in the power of prayer and haven't been deterred by circumstances.

Jesus said, Matthew 19:14 "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Amen

On that note I would like to inform you of a prayer request. If you feel led to add this to your prayers it would be greatly appreciated:

Do you remember my post 3 Special Ladies? The post was about 3 incredible women in my family line that have withstood tragedy and kept their eyes on Him even during the hard times. The same day I wrote post I received devastating news. If I had written the post later I could have written about 4 special ladies. At that time, my sweet cousin Amanda who was about 21 weeks pregnant found out during her ultrasound that her baby has no kidneys, hence the baby's life will not be sustainable outside the womb. The syndrome the baby is diagnosed with is called Potter's Syndrome. Amanda was given the option to abort but they have chosen life. Her husband Nick and herself have been lifting up the name of Christ since they first heard and they are currently "cherishing every kick." Unless there is a miracle this baby will be entering heaven soon after his or her birth. Nick, Amanda and this precious baby could use your prayers during this season. You can follow their story at

May we follow the example of the children: trusting in our powerful God, laying our requests at His feet as we pray for those walking through times of trouble.

In Christ,

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  1. That is so precious how your kids prayed. And that playing music was part of the prayer! You're doing an awesome job bringing them up in the Lord!

    I will add Amanda and Nick's baby to my prayer list. Our Father in heaven has a storeroom of body parts that we can take for the asking. Well we're asking, amen?


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