My family and I are heading to sunny Florida for 2 weeks!! The picture above was taken last spring when we were there; that is a real background and it really is that gorgeous in real life!! My parents have lived on an island across the street from the ocean for the last 3 years (and they aren't rich, just blessed by the Lord). They will be moving inland after our next visit (sniff, sniff) so we are going to live it up!! We will be with my WHOLE Family (minus 2 nephews and a brother-in-law) which hasn't happened in 4 years! I will be meeting my niece for the first time (she is already over a year old!). We are very excited. After that wonderful week we will be in Disney with my in-laws family! Another exciting week of events.

Since it is Thanksgiving I want to say that I am sooooooooooooooo THANKFUL for each one of you who grace me with your time and encouragement. I truly am grateful for each one of you and pray for my readers often. Because I love you so much I couldn't handle leaving you hanging for 2 weeks without hearing anything from For His Glory but I also don't expect a lot of free time with 7 kids, 8 adults one week, and Disney with 10 people the next week! So again I have some beautiful, lovely readers who have blessed me and agreed to write guest posts! So you will be meeting some of my favorite people in the next 2 week and hearing what they have been learning from the Lord: my Mom, Ms. Latina and Karen. I hope you enjoy and if they are anything like me they love to hear feedback from you, so if you have a minute leave a comment:)

I pray that you and yours will be blessed on this Thanksgiving holiday. You'll hear from me again in Dec,


  1. Just a new reader :).

    You have beutiful kids!

  2. Hope you and the family have an amazing time!


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