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Dear Friends,

Do you remember Karen from Karen's Threads of Hope? She filled in for me once in December with the Armor Song. Today, I have the privilege of returning the favor by writing on her blog. My post for today is called The Power of Praise. If you have a minute, click on the link and read it.



  1. I just got home from Pendleton, jaime - read your blog this morning right before we left, and thought about it the entire hours drive.. Kinda fitting right now, as I am home now - sacrifice of Praise - at the moment, praising is going to be a huge sacrifice of Praise, because I feel like a battered and bruised servant of the Most High God.. going to go grab my quilt, a can of coke, and go out on the deck, even if its only 39 degrees.. I need to just go out there and watch trees sway in the breeze, and let the tears come if they will.. just been another step towards healing from the past, but man, its just plain HARD, dear Armour girl... Thank yo uso much for posting this morning.. isn't it just like God to bring praise to my lips yesterday/ Sat. and thenfor you to be writing about it? to stinkin' AWESOME... even in the sacrifices that we do as believers.. Thanks again.. you are the best...

  2. I left you a comment regarding your guest post over at Karen's blog! Awesome!!!

    -Alisa Hope

  3. Your writing is wonderful,Jamie!! I'm so glad to be connected to you!

    Love your music on here too. :) And thanks again for the blog award. I really, really appreciate your encouragement, Jamie!

    Blessings to you!


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