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Hello All, I'm still in sunny Florida relaxing. I am thankful for all my readers and for those of you who agreed to help me rest by providing blog posts in my place:) I am especially excited about today's post by Karen Hopkins. She is one of my newest reader's and she has been a treasure and encouragement since day one. She liked me because I called myself an armour girl. If you enjoy what you read today and would like to see more of Karen's work stop over at Karen's Threads of Hope.

By Karen:
Today, go to your Spiritual Closet, and find your Belt of Truth - because the battle is always on the horizon, where the enemy is waiting to try to defeat the Army of God. But take hope, our spiritual " Belt " is the driving force behind our Victory over the Prince of Darkness - because that very BELT, worn around our middle, is what we hang our full spiritual armor on as we are led into the battle fray..

So today, as you rise up and begin your day, secure your Belt securely about your middle - for this is where you have all of God's Power at your disposal, to fight and declare Who is Victor in whatever the enemy throws in your direction today!

And as an added bonus, heres just a fun battle cry song as we go into war with the enemy, but we walk out Victorious in the Name of Jesus!! March on fellow Warriors!

A mighty battle is a brewin'
an ugly war rising o'er the hill
the Enemy's gathering up his minions
for its God' s people he wants to destroy and kill

But there is no victory for those in darkness
as the enemy lines soon will be broken down
for our God is the Mighty , Mighty Victor!
and with His troops , He comes from all sides to surround

For we've proclaimed God's mighty promise
that the enemy will lay trampled 'neath His feet
and as we cry "Holy! Holy!Holy " (is the Name of Jesus!)
The enemy has no choice but to fall away in sound defeat

Oh yes - prayer and praise used as our weapons!
as we march forward in the Name of our Mighty King
and with His Armor of protection fastened 'round us
Oh yes! Praise God , what a Victory Song we sing!

We'll cry No ! No ! No! No! No! No!
Our God is Mighty -He never will back down!
And we'll shout Yes! Yes ! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
as the enemy's been trampled neath' the ground

Oh yes-with prayer and praise as our Mighty weapons
we march victorious in the name of the Mighty King
and with God's Victory Call risin' o'er the hillside
Oh yes! a Song of Victory we sing


  1. I loved the song! Thank you so much Karen.

    Do you know if I can hear a copy anywhere on the net? I would love to hear it sung as I put on my Belt of Truth, my victory belt!

  2. Jaime,

    Just have to say I love your quote on the sidebar from Mark Gungor: Same Argument, Different Day!

    Will look over the site when I get home.

    Hope you have are having a great time!

  3. Ms. Latina, actually the poem I wrote here, is a song of my heart, and not put to music ( YET!).. Sometimes there are poems that the Lord has given me, so far 3 of them, which have been put to music by a worship leader friend of mine in Washington .. I can send you a music file of those songs, which to me are quite humbling, since I am not a musician at all... But Todd has put them actual poems to music, writing and singing them. Let me know if you would like to hear them, as I have to send via email, since I dont know how to post an MP3 on blogpost yet..

  4. Hi Karen and Jaime,

    I would love to hear the songs. Please send them to me at latinaonamission (AT)

    Thank you!!!


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