Book Review: Mondays with My Old Pastor

I am so glad that I read this book!!!!!!!  It is a must read.  It is a beautiful read.  It is a TREASURE!!!!!!!

Book Description:
Deep inside in some uncertain part of my soul persisted this strange exhaustion that was difficult to explain and hard to endure," writes pastor and author José Luis Navajo. Thinking of quitting the ministry, Navajo doesn't know where to turn until he begins meeting with a seasoned man of the cloth—his "old pastor"—who, through successive Monday visits, offers a legacy of wisdom in the form of 15 unique principles.

In lyrical prose, Navajo shares the personal anecdotes, fables, and deep spiritual insights offered by the old pastor and his wife. By turns funny, heartbreaking, and thought provoking, Mondays with My Old Pastor is a comfort to anyone who struggles in his or her walk with God. As readers follow Navajo's journey from desperation to rejuvenation, they will find themselves similarly transformed and inspired. This moving, beautifully written account is sure to reignite every soul's longing for renewal.

Titus 2:6 says,
6 In the same way, encourage young men to be wise.7 In every way be an example of doing good deeds. When you teach, do it with honesty and seriousness.8 Speak the truth so that you cannot be criticized. Then those who are against you will be ashamed because there is nothing bad to say about us.

The church today is often lacking in spiritual mentors.  This book captures the words as they spring forth from a man who ran the race, fought the good fight and clung even more to the cross as each day passed.  It is an invaluable treasure trove of truth on how to live a life of love to God.  My heart was awakened in love, comforted in peace and pushed forward in hope with each turn of the page.  The humility and truth exhibited in these pages are truly inspirational.  It made me want to sit at the feet of Jesus more and more each day of my life.

This book was an easy read (I read it within 3 days) but I have to go back through it again with my highlighter.  There were so many truths and principles that I want to meditate on, that it will be by my side for a while now.  Very few books make my must read list but this has currently edged itself into first place.  Please read it!

In Christ,


I received this book for free via the Booksneeze program.  All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

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