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I hesitated to post today, not wanting to bring a damper to everyone's day of love but as I pursued my Google Reader I was deeply reminded that true, enduring love comes with a cost. When we take the risk to love we also set ourselves up for the risk of pain but let us never shy away from love to save us from pain. I also realized that there is a strength comes from hearing one another's story and knowing that we are not alone.

Four years ago today my precious niece entered this world with half-a-heart. However, that did not stop her or us from loving and living our lives to the fullest. Here is a poem I wrote in her memory:

A sweet melody is missing from the symphony of life.
We keep waiting for your grand entrance into the music
but silence is all we hear.
Silence has never been so loud.

I miss your million dollar smile, the waving of your hand,
the sweetness of your spirit. All the things that made
you uniquely you.

We knew each moment with you was precious; that it
was a gift. We hardly knew how precious now
that you are gone.

You are forever a part of who we are.
Never will we be the same.

Our family isn't the only one experiencing Valentine's Day in bittersweet memory. To my other blogger mom's thank you for sharing your story and your hearts this day. May you know you are loved Jeane' and Amanda.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and touching poem. 


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