The Laughter of Love

So I told you in my last post that I would spare you from having to read Surprised by Laughter but still get the benefits.  Here are a few quotes from the very end of the book:

  • In regards to laughter and God Lewis reminds us, "When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased."  Our laughter therefore, increases when we keep it in its proper place. pg 445
    • I picked this quote because so often Christians talk about "struggling" to put God first.  As this quote captures, I've learned that when God is first, everything else in life is so much richer and enjoyable - which in turns makes it not so hard to allow God His proper place.
  • To know God's mirth, however one must first know Him and His love.  He then forgives those who come to Him.  It is the act of forgiveness that transforms those who would submit to the comedy of His grace.  Therefore, laughter must be linked to love and forgiveness if it would last. pg 448
    • You know I love to discuss grace.  I've never connected the concept of grace and laughter before reading this quote.  But grace truly is a light load.  Perhaps if we as Christians would move grace from the serious, theological debate, to actual living in it and enjoying the benefits of it - it would be more contagious to the world?!
  • "We must, as it so happens, give our own lives for others, but even while we're doing it, I think we're meant to enjoy our Lord, and in Him, our friends, our food, our sleeps, our jokes, and the birds and the frosty sunrise."   For this reason, just as hell is the only place outside of heaven where we can be safe from the dangers of love, heaven is the only place where we can be endlessly immersed in the laughter of love.  The charity of God transforms natural laughter into a "tuned and obedient instrument," of Love Himself.  It began with the Creation, was lost and limited, until Christ returns.  It began with Creation, was lost in the Fall, but was gloriously reclaimed through the Resurrection and dispersed through Pentecost... Most people expect the worst from an encounter with God.  Our guilt and shames chase us away from the gladness of His presence.  He must then become the Hound of Heaven pursuing us, not simply to chide, or punish us, but to embrace us and lick us with His love." (pages 451-452).
Let Him embrace you today with the strength of His love.  May the result of that love bring love, laughter and joy into your life with Him and with others.

In Christ,


  1. They are beautiful gems of wisdom :)

  2. Jaime,  I have been reading through so many of your posts. Your words on grace...your has brought such peace and comfort to this weary girl. Thank you!



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