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Sharon Kirby is the winner of my contest for Fatal Convictions.  Please e-mail your address to by Friday, September 10 to receive a coupon for a free copy of this book or another reader will be selected.

Also, a reminder for all: I am on a season of rest right now.  However, I wanted to let you know that my site is always available and there are 175 posts for you to read if you are missing me:)  Two ways to effectively use my site are:
  1. The Search this blog function: this feature available in my sidebar allows you to type in any word you want to know about and it will pull up any of my posts that contain that word. 
  2. All my blogs are filtered by topics.  There is a list of all the topics on my sidebar.  If you select a topic any blogs I wrote that contain that topic will be pulled up.  My posts are slotted between 38 topics which include: Freedom, Love, Holy Spirit, Strategies of the Enemy, etc.
So if you need a little extra encouragement on a day, feel free to stop at this site for a little pick me up.

Missing you all,

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  1. Sharon KirbySeptember 21, 2010

    I'm embarrassed that I missed this deadline. I was out of town on those dates and I've been very remiss in following all my "blog friends" - please forgive me for that.
    I will miss you very much...please let me know when you return.

    May God meet you at this time in your life.

    You are not alone...



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