A Season of Rest

Dear readers,

The Lord has invited me to a season of rest from intentional ministry to others. This decision effects two personal areas in my life, one is my Women's Group and the other is this blog. As many of you know 16 months ago, my niece, Nevaeh Rae Wallace, died suddenly from a known heart defect. Since that day, I have not taken an intentional time to focus on my grief and to rest and mourn. Since her passing, my personal ministry to others continued and grew in many ways. But as time has gone on, I realize that my heart broke in many different ways that day and because of that I need to take time for myself and to just rest in Him, without worrying about taking care of others.

The Lord has given me an analogy that I think brings clarity to my decision. Runners (which I am not one) love to run. But if they have a stress fracture in their leg, they need to stop running, to rest and allow it heal properly. If they keep running due to their love and ignore the pain things will only get worse. They need to take time to heal so that in the future they can return to what they love. That for me helps show where I am at. I love ministering to women, I love to pray for others and I love to write on this blog. But for many months the pain associated with doing those things has only increased. Even though in many ways I'd love to hold on and keep pressing through, I know that for a time, I cannot.  I made my decision two days ago and last night the Lord faithfully confirmed it to my heart through a post I read that was written by someone else.

There have been many writers that have encouraged and inspired me over the past year and a half. I've invited several of them to do guest posts on my behalf while I am resting, so hopefully you will still receive things from For His Glory just not written by me. As always, I appreciate your readership and many of you, your personal friendship. I hope you will be here when I return. Thanks for your understanding.

Love in Christ,


  1. So glad you are taking time for yourself and recognizing it is needed. Wish I was there to help YOU out.. Love you, Erica

  2. I am glad you are taking the time you need to rest. I look forward to your return!


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