Resources: Money-Saving Tips

Hello All,

This months Resources contain ways that you can save $$$!

First, I added a new feature to my website: a coupon bar from By clicking on this coupon bar you can print coupons directly from my website. So now you can save money while reading my blog! There are some good coupons there for stuff you really do use: like Kraft mayo, cheese, Oscar Mayer deli meat and more.

I am also passing along two blogs that I follow that give tips on how to save money. I have found both blogs to be very helpful and I am learning how to save real money.

Mom for Him is an amazing site! She has a family of 6 and feeds them all on a budget of $275 a MONTH! She is kind enough to share her secrets. I'm learning a lot and saving money but my budget is still not that low! She is also great at updating on any coupon deals; like BOGO free ice cream from Wendy's, free chocolate every Friday until September, and more. She is definitely worth stopping by and following.

Another money-saving blog I follow is called Latina on a Mission. She is a single mom from New York City and she shares a lot of money saving ideas too. Some of them duplicate Mom for Him, some of them are only valid in New York but some are good for anywhere. Tonight for instance, she blogged about a discount. allows you to buy coupons at a discounted price (for instance spend $10 but get a $25 dollar gift certificate). This weekend however you can save 80% with the code SPECIAL. I got $50 of gift certificates for only $4.00 (note when I go to eat I have to spend $35 so my out of pocket will be $24 for $70 worth of food). contains restaurants nationwide; so you don't have to live in this area to get a discount. Latina on a Mission also runs contests. This month's contest is for a free pair of new Payless Shoes value of $25.

So if you are like me and always looking for a way to save a buck or get something for free, you will want to check out these websites.


  1. We have used the for years is AMAZING!!!!

  2. Thanks for the linky-love! :-) I'm so glad you are saving money! Isn't it fun?! doesn't have any restaurants near us that we would use. Oh well.


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