Finding Rhythm in the Chaos

I've been a Christ-follower for 29 years now (Yikes! I must be getting old.).  About 6 years ago, my husband and I were in a de-churched phase (a Todd Hunter term) of our Christian journey.  This just means, we were burned out on "church," busy asking what is the purpose of church, what is the point of church, is there a point to it, etc.  In the midst of that season, through quite a beautiful and divine story, we discovered Todd Hunter.  In the discovery, we both allowed his ministry to pastor our hearts.  Through a slow melting of our hearts, we decided to indeed give Church a Second Chance and found a local body to plug into again.  But even though we've connected with a local body, we still allow Todd Hunter to pastor our hearts on a weekly basis.

So this week, he gave another incredible sermon:

Discipleship 2015 (9/27/2015)

It was in celebration of their church body being 6 years old.  I realized that even though I had never met these people or Todd, my heart was there and it was in celebration with them.  So anyway, this sermon gives a beautiful summary of my heart's journey during the last 6 years: from the disillusionment with church to finding a rhythm and a reason to gather with other believers on a weekly basis. 

I know that not everyone has experienced what we have or may not understand this part of my journey.  But I also know that our story isn't unique and there are some of you who have felt a need to understand the purpose of church again.  I know that during my de-churched phase, I needed a renewal in my understanding of the purpose of gathering with other believers.  While there are lots of ways for that to be done, I feel that Todd does a great job laying out my story and then speaking to the needs of our heart.  I have lived what he is teaching for the last 5 years and it does make a difference.  It wasn't a dramatic moment of change, but more like the movement of a river, it has been a consistent, healing, life-changing, life-giving movement within my heart.  It has calmed me and allowed me to be at peace before God, myself, my family, my friends and my ministries.  These truths have allowed my heart to be sustained in the midst of a world that is often chaotic, discouraging and hard.  I know that I am different because of living out these truths.

So if you are curious to understand my heart, or if you have some disillusionment within your soul, I would encourage you to take time to listen to his sermon.  After listening to the sermon, I would encourage you to listen to the song, Song for Someone by U2

I think this song is a beautiful, artistic expression of the same ideas.  My prayer for those who let me speak into their lives (on a periodic basis) is that their hearts do not whither under the heaviness of this life but that they allow themselves to love and be loved in the midst of it all.
In Christ,

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