Book Review: Holy Is the Day

A few years ago, I had the privilege of doing a book review on Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber.  I absolutely loved the book and as a result I developed a profound respect for Carolyn as a writer and as a fellow believer.  I began following her blog Pressing Save because I couldn't get enough!  Well, Carolyn just released a new book called Holy is the Day and I had the chance to preview it this summer.

Both of Carolyn's books are composed of reflections on her life.  Holy is the Day, looks at her life as a young believer and as a mother of young children, trying to wrestle out the truth of who God is and what it looks like to live, move and breathe in Him through the reality of our lives.  In this book, Carolyn has once again managed to articulate living reality through words and captured the essence of God's presence seeping into our lives.

If you are a mother, you will relate to most, if not all of her stories; her joys, struggles, fears, exasperation and at times desperation.  But you will also walk away with renewed vision to seek the fingerprints of God in the reality of your daily life (which is a personal theme for my life).

There are many memorable moments: U-turn friends, lunch at the beach and my personal favorite about an exclamation point cloud.

I highly recommend this book and it is entirely possible to read just this book.  But I must state that Carolyn is an amazing author with a beautiful testimony so you will be abundantly blessed if you read both Surprised by Oxford and Holy is the Day.

As the subtitle states, Holy is the Day is a Gift for Living in the Present.

In Christ,

PS I received a draft copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


  1. I like so much this blog

    God blessed you

  2. So thankful that through Christ we are whole!!!


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