Following the Good Shepherd

One of the advantages of blogging is that when I need encouragement for my soul I can go on a search and find it.  Since I know the essence of what I wrote, I can easily go back and peruse around and reread the things that the Lord has ministered to my heart over the years. 

Another advantage of blogging is that I know some of my readers personally - and I know that some of them too are in a season of struggling, discouragement and loss.

So today's post is sharing a "story" of the Good Shepherd.  As I read back through these posts, I saw the threads of connection between them all and what I was reminded of was that we do indeed have a Good Shepherd who is walking in those dark valleys with us.

So if you need encouragement for your soul today follow along this humble path:

360 Vision: Lacking Nothing
Relishing in His Beauty and Grace

Listen to:
Stranger in a Strange Land: I AM the Good Shepherd (audio 114, 3/27/11) 

Music to minister to your soul:
Stay Beside Me: Future of Forestry

In Christ,

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