Being released from the fear of men

I like to be liked.
I'm a people-pleaser.

So the Lord has started putting me in situations where I sometimes have hard things to say to people - the result being they don't like me very much (for the moment, I hope:).  It drives me crazy.  I've been asking God to give me a new perspective on things and He has:

Isaiah 51:12-15 (NCV)
The Lord says, "I am the one who comforts you.
So why should you be afraid of people, who die?
Why should you fear people who die like the grass?
13 Have you forgotten the Lord who made you,
who stretched out the skies
and made the earth?
Why are you always afraid
of those angry people who trouble you
and who want to destroy?
But where are those angry people now?
14 People in prison will soon be set free;
they will not die in prison,
and they will have enough food.
15 I am the Lord your God,
who stirs the sea and makes the waves roar.
My name is the Lord All-Powerful.

This Scripture brought my perspective back into alignment with His perspective.

As I read it I saw the following things:
  • We don't need to be afraid of men
  • Because we worship the Creator of the universe 
  • God's ultimate plan is to bring freedom to the captives
  • Because of this we can put our trust in the All-Powerful God
I love how His ultimate plan is sandwiched between His Almighty character.  As I step away from fear, to trusting Him, He gently reminds me of what He is up to and gives me another reason why I can trust His ways.

This verse reminded me of a mental picture I've used the past couple of years as I have dealt with difficult people and situations:

My perspective has been:

                 ME --negative thoughts-- A person --judgement--The Cross

It should be:

                  ME --negative thoughts-- The Cross --love-- A person

What's the difference?
In the first scenario, I am trying to deal with the person first.  I see the Cross in the background and "the freedom" God has in store for the person, but I'd like to walk alongside that person and lead pull them with judgement to the Cross.  When we arrive, we can kneel down together and I can show them the right way:). 

In the second scenario, all my thoughts and attitudes towards the person is having to pass through the Cross first.  The end result is my perspective has been tailored into love for that person.  And I'll take love over fear any day. 

I'm thankful for God's Word reminding me that walking in His perspective towards others leads to mine and their ultimate freedom.

In Christ,

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  1. Mwnelson7June 09, 2012

    Awesome posting & visual on the fear of man-thanks for sharing!


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