2 years today

I have a terrible memory.  If you ask me what I did last weekend, I would probably stare at you with blank eyes and you would wonder if I was alright or if I was hiding some dark secret.  Honestly, the reason I have a blank stare is because I am in shock at myself; my mind is completely blank.  "Last weekend, Open this feed in your default podcast application

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pcast://www.focusonthefamily.com/podcasts/family_radio.aspxlast weekend, what did we do last weekend?"  And I will rack brain trying to remember something to share.

However, if you ask me what I was doing the week before, on and the week after April 26th, 2009 I could give you tons of information of what I was thinking about, who I was talking to, what I was feeling, what I was singing and what God was saying to my heart.  Around 11:55am on Sunday, April 26, 2009 my precious niece Nevaeh Rae Wallace died in an ER while those closest to her stood around in absolute shock.  My life has been forever changed by getting the opportunity to love and be a part of this precious little girl's life.

I have learned from Nevaeh, that every life is significant and precious.  Time is short, so live life well and full of love especially for those closest to you.

Here is a video in memory of Nevaeh:


In Christ,

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  1. Bless Nevaeh. I know that she is in the Father's arms. Thank you for sharing her precious legacy with us!


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