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I had the opportunity to write for Sanctified Together's publication again.  The topic of discussion this time was The Measure of a Woman my article is called In His Arms.  I hope you have a minute to stop by and read mine and check out the articles written by the other ladies.  There are some great articles such as 5 lbs of Grace, Dot, Dot, Dot, A Mother's Adoption story, Who's Kids are these and why are they calling me Mom, etc...!

Here is the teaser for mine:
As I considered writing for Sanctified Together Publication's June topic, The Measure of a Woman, I have to admit that I was intimidated by the subject. I have been involved in ministering to women for the last 6 years and the overwhelming similarity that I have seen between women is that they have the same common fear: they are not good enough and they do not measure up.

I believe a large percentage of American women walk around with an inferiority complex, always measuring themselves against the woman next to them. Are they pretty enough, skinny enough, a good enough wife, mother, friend, etc? All the while wishing they were somebody else not realizing that the "somebody" else they want to be is also wishing to be "someone" else.

You can finish reading it by clicking here.


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  1. Thank you for blessing us with you beautiful article. You touched on so many points that we women struggle with on a daily basis!

    We are honored that you would donate your time, energy and talents to the ST Publication!


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