Through the Storm

The waves were crashing over me, the storm was getting more ferocious. I was barely able to stay above the water. The sky was getting darker and I looked up to the heavens and cried, "Where are you God?" But all I could see was a dark, empty, sky staring back at me. My heart felt abandoned and alone. Where is God? I tried once again to rise above the waves so I wouldn't drown.

I then heard my name. I thought I was imagining. There it was again in a gentle voice, quieter than the storm but more powerful. He said, "Don't be afraid. I 'm right beside you, I will walk with you." So I took His strong hand and felt His embrace. The storm raged on but now we walked through the storm safely together, for He was right beside me.

The journey of life is hard, filled with bumps in the road, raging storms and more. I can look up at the sky, cry and feel abandoned by God, or I can stop, listen and see that you are standing right beside me, desiring to walk through this with me.

You say, "Look into my eyes and follow me. You are precious in my sight. You are mine. I gather my people close to my heart, won't you come?"

Whatever the journey He has promised to walk with us through it. That is the guarantee. We all have different journeys but there are two things all journeys can have in common:
1. We can walk these journeys with Him by our side
2. Our final destination is the same: being reunited again in His heart.

Based on Isaiah 43: 1-7.

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